Safety Limits for Sinusoidal Waves with Phase Control

R. Tommasini and R. Pertusio (Italy)


Power systems, Electrical safety, Effects of current passing through the human body


To define the safety limits against flashing danger, the reference document is the IEC Report 60479, where the results of numerous studies and experiments on the effects of electric current on the human body have been assembled and surveyed. The IEC 60479-2 also describes the effects of special waveforms of current, since the increasing diffusion of equipment supplied by static converters, that generate non-sinusoidal waveforms, leads to verify them. In this work a few special waveforms, of which the effects are yet not clear, have been considered. An experimental study has been carried out for determining the safety limits of sinusoidal waveforms with phase control, with low control angles and for different frequencies.

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