Measurement and Optical Detection of Partial Discharges

M. Muhr, S. Pack, R. Schwarz, and B. Koerbler (Austria)


Partial discharge, optical detection, monitoring, optical fibre, fingerprint, spectrum.


In order to use electrical resources economically, it is an advantage to know about the available life expectancy. With the help of technical diagnostics significant sizes are recorded, from which conclusions can be drawn on the future operational behaviour. Now and in the future it is hard to imagine that some components for transmission and distribution of electrical energy, like transformers and generators, works without monitoring and diagnosis systems. The advantage of such systems is the knowledge about the condition of the online inspected components. So maintenance can be planned and lifespan of the components can be used more efficient. Partial discharges are a quality criterion with the evaluation of a resource of energy engineering. An important method represents the detection and analysis of partial discharge behaviour. In the first part of this paper an overview on monitoring and diagnostic systems for PD measurement should be given. The second part deals with an optical partial discharge measuring system focused for the application of PD detection in transformers.

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