Algorithm Comparison for Robust High Speed Voltage Sags and Swells Detection

C. Yingvivatanapong, W.-J. Lee, S. Oraintara, and D. Johnson (USA)


Robust Voltage Sags and Swells Detection, Nonlinear Prediction Algorithms, Wavelet Algorithms.


A concern in voltage sags and swells has proliferated among electric utilities and many industries. Many organizations, such as Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IEEE), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and manufacturers, have attempted to develop solutions. In addition, various devices have been developed to mitigate, or protect against power quality problems. Regardless the response speed of the mitigation devices, the incident and the level of voltage sags or swells have to be fast detected and accurately estimated before any solution can be deployed. This paper compares the robustness of different algorithms in voltage sags and swells detection and estimation without applying the frequency estimation and harmonic filtering.

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