Model Reference Adaptive Control of Synchronous Machine Speed via Model-updating Concept

K.S. Al-Olimat, A.A.Ghandakly, and A.M. Farhoud (USA)


Adaptive control, fuzzy logic, model update.


This paper describes the design of model reference adaptive control (MRAC) using fuzzy logic updating of reference model parameters. This scheme has been developed to cope with complex and difficult environment conditions that the plant to be controlled might undergo where a fixed reference model can not handle. The main concept of the proposed control system is to ensure such automatic change of the controller parameters so that they correspond to the current plant environment and provide an appropriate control action to improve the overall control system performance. This has been done through a fuzzy switching block that receives some information from the command signal and an auxiliary output at each instant as a criterion to be used in the fuzzy rules as inputs to compute the proper values of the reference model parameters for that instant. The effectiveness of the proposed technique is demonstrated on the application of synchronous machine through computer simulation studies. The obtained results show that an improvement in the overall system performance is obtained using the proposed MRAC with model-update in comparison to those of MRAC with fixed model as well as conventional fixed parameters controller.

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