Control of Zonal DC Distribution Systems: A Stability Perspective

S.D. Sudhoff, S.F. Glover, S.H. Żak, S.D. Pekarek, E.J. Zivi, D.E. Delisle, and J. Sauer (USA)


system stability, zonal distribution, power electronics, disturbance propagation, energy storage


Power electronics based DC distribution systems are attractive for finite inertia power systems such as those on ships and aircraft because of robustness and autonomy. However, they are also susceptible to negative impedance instabilities. In this work, two philosophies of system operation are considered. In the first approach, regulatory converters are designed to operate with perfect output regulation. In this approach, stability can be guaranteed provided that sufficient energy storage at each bus (electrolytic capacitance) is present. The second approach uses stabilizing feedback to modulate the converter output in response to it’s input thereby providing a means to ensure stability with greatly reduced energy storage. In this paper the relationship between stability, disturbance propagation, and energy storage is explored.

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