Progress of Tubular SOFC Demonstrations

C.A. Forbes (USA)


Solid Oxide, Fuel Cell, Tubular, High-Efficiency, Hybrid


The tubular solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) program under development at Siemens Westinghouse is generally regarded as the leading SOFC program. Siemens Westinghouse is in the pre-commercial phase of bringing tubular SOFC to the market by late 2003, and recently made the decision to proceed with commercialization of the technology. Reaching this decision was based on progress with three key factors: commercial product cost projections, performance of expected products, and a viable market forecasted. Construction began in October 2001 of a commercial factory in the Pittsburgh area. This paper will review the status of tubular SOFC technology, the performance of current demonstrations, and the key market segments to be addressed.

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