Modeling and Simulation of a VLSI Chip for Adaptive Speed Control of Brushed DC Motors

N. Ekekwe, R. Etienne-Cummings, and P. Kazanzides (USA)


Armature current feedback, dc motor control, low power robot, throat surgery.


Mathematical models and simulation results are presented for a VLSI chip being designed to control a 34-axis robot intended for minimally invasive throat surgery. The chip, in concert with control algorithms executed on a supervisory microprocessor, will deliver appropriate control voltages to the motors to guide the end effectors of the robot, while compensating for changes in resistance to motion as the robot interacts with tissue. The control signals both generated on-chip and from the microprocessor, are conditioned and presented to the motor driver. The simulation results show that the control algorithms implemented in the system sufficiently control the motor.

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