Physical System Modelling for the Design and Control of Mechatronic Systems

S.C. Abou, M. Saad, and T. My-Dao (Canada)


Mechatronics, Mineral processing, Systems modelling and Simulation, Design and Control, Physical Systems.


Mechatronics design requires that a mechanical system and its control system be designed as an integrated system. This contribution covers the background and tools for modelling and simulation of physical systems and their controllers, with parameters that are directly related to mineral grinding system. The theory we have provided is illustrated with examples of typical mechatronic systems such as servo systems and grinding system. In this context, where the controlled system has to be designed as a whole, the model’s structure and parameters are directly related to physical components. Instead, common block-diagram or equation-based simulation packages hardly support these features. This contribution starts with an overview of mechatronics design problems and the various ways to solve such problems. The case-study discussed shows the use of design techniques in mineral processing control. It includes a typical mechatronic system with a flexible drive and a ball mill. The charge motion is derived using structural visualisation (i.e. geometric) approach. Further, we analysed the influence of the particular nonlinearities dynamics of the charge motion and developed the slippage relationships.

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