Object-Oriented Modeling and Optimal Control of a Biological Wastewater Treatment Process

Q. Chai, R. Bakke, and B. Lie (Norway)


Wastewater treatment; ASM3 model; Optimal control; Pre dictive control


This paper deals with optimal control of a biologi cal wastewater treatment process. A pilot plant is de signed to remove nitrogen with simultaneous nitri ca tion/denitri cation in a single reactor. The objective of the control in this paper is to force the total nitrogen concentra tion to track given set points. The dynamic modeling and start-up simulation of the process are rst presented based on the ASM3 model and the object-oriented modeling lan guage Modelica. Next, the optimization problem is spec i ed and formulated using a quadratic performance index. Dynamic optimization is used in model predictive control (MPC) based on a linearized model. The control strategy is successfully applied to the simulation model of the pilot plant.

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