Development of Qualitative Rules for Simulation Disturbances and Actions in a Hot Strip Mill by using a Thermomicrostructural Model

M.L.P. Machado, J. Denti Filho, and J. Fagundes Jr. (Brazil)


Hot strip mill, Thermomicrostructural model, Microstructural model, Thermical model


This study uses Hot Strip Mill industrial data and a thermomicrostructural model which takes into account the effect of the strip tension and the work roll gap and the static, dynamic and metadynamic recrystallization to calculate the austenite grain size, mean flow stress that occurs in the steel and also the roll force, exit strip thickness and steel entry temperatures in each stand. Operational disturbances in the thermomicrostructural model are introduced in the strip tension and in the work roll gap and its effect in the steel properties are analyzed. A group of qualitative rules are elaborated to show which actions should be taken if the disturbances occur, aiming to recover the strip thickness and improve steel properties. The model shows that by increasing the gap of the previous stand there is an increases in the mean flow stress, and consequently the roll force. In addition, by increasing the gap within the each stand there is a reduction in the mean flow stress and the strip temperature, and thus results in an increase in the exit strip thickness, and the corrections by increasing the entry or exit strip tension causes a reduction in work roll force and exit strip thickness.

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