Numerical and Experimental Study of Multi Degree of Freedom Vibration Isolation System with a Parallel Mechanism

L. Ma, X. Chen (PRC), Y. Shen (Canada), Q. Yang, X. Yin, W. Wu, and N.Q. Shi (PRC)


Numerical simulation, model development, MDOF vibration control, parallel mechanism


In recent years, the multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) vibration control has attracted much attention. Though rubber has MDOF viscous-elastic properties, its quickly losing elasticity after prolonged exposure to air prohibits it from wide applications. Using parallel mechanisms with controllable dampers is a possible solution for MDOF vibration isolation. The system could be a 3DOF parallel mechanism or a 4DOF parallel mechanism with one redundant freedom. In this paper, a three-dimension vibration isolation system is proposed. An inverse adaptive method is adopted to design the system. With the dynamic model of the system, the system dynamic performance is analyzed with numerical simulation method. The numerical analytical results are verified by experiments. The design approach mentioned in this paper can be applied to other MDOF vibration isolation system design.

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