A Real Time Human Grasp Simulation with Deformable Fingertips

M. Rougeron, J. Le Garrec, A. Micaelli, and F.B. Ouezdou (France)


deformable contacts, grasp map, LCP algorithm, motor control.


This paper presents a human grasp simulation in a real-time context. We consider a 12-dof hand grasping quasi-rigid objects for fine manipulation. The objective is to translate and rotate the object with respect to non-sliding conditions. In order to improve the visual realism and the stability of the simulation, we use a locally deformable model on fin gertips with friction. The computation of forces that fin gers must impose at each contact is presented with a new technique for solving that optimization problem, allowing for real time simulation. Fingers are controlled with forces generated by a set of 23 muscles inserted on bones. This work is part of a virtual human project and combines ro botic control experiments and theoric laws of deformations in a global simulation.

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