On the Zeros of the Transfer Function of a Single Flexible Link Manipulator

M. Vakil, R. Fotouhi, and P.N. Nikiforuk (Canada)


Flexible manipulator, nonminimum phase, transfer function


A new method for deriving the zeros of the transfer function of a single flexible link manipulator (SFLM) considering the tip displacement as the output without evaluating the transfer function is presented. The changes of the locations of the zeros due to the changes of the physical parameters such as the mass and the moment of inertia of the payload are discussed. The effect of adding another actuator at the tip of the manipulator, synchronized with the actuator at the base of the manipulator, on the locations of the zeros is also investigated. It is shown that partial collocation of the sensor and actuator (having an actuator at the tip of the manipulator to apply a fraction of the base’s torque to the tip) will not completely change the non-minimum phase transfer function of a SFLM into the minimum phase one.

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