A Fast Response System for Aerosol Dispersion Forecasting

A. Smirnov and S. Rowan (USA)


: Physically based modeling, Grid comput ing, Web Interfaces, Risk analysis, Information Retrieval, Aerosols


A technique for express analysis of aerosol dispersion in urban environments is presented. In the proposed method a database of different aerosol dispersion scenarios is gener ated in extensive computer simulations on distributed com puting platforms, such as clusters or grid environments. The data is segmented into smaller chunks, and compressed for optimal network access from remote locations. The re sults of the simulations can then be retrieved in a timely manner for express risk analysis. A prototype solver was developed and tested. Fast response of the system is achieved by replacing complex 3D simulations with infor mation retrieval from a remote database. The reduction of system response from a few days to several seconds can be achieved compared to real-time 3D simulations.

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