A Method for Cloth-Color Match for Skin based on Computer-Aided Color Harmony

S.-W. Hsiao, F.-Y. Chiu, and H.-Y. Hsu (Taiwan)


Color harmony, Aesthetics measures, Skin color, Color combination, Color matching, Color planning


The main purpose of this study is to discuss the relationships of color combination between skin and cloth colors based on the aesthetics measures. The definition of color harmony is summarized first and aesthetics measurement is then used to accomplish a color matching system. With the aid of this system, one could get comfortable cloth colors to match customer’s skin color. The experimental results reveal that the subjects prefer to colors with larger brightness and vividness. The darkness and lightness of a subject’s skin color have also great influence on the color matching results. It is concluded that, for a subject with dark skin, the cloth colors with light tone, pale tone, and light grayish tone have a higher value of the measurement of beauty (or aesthetics measurement). On the contrary, for a subject with light skin, the best-matched colors have deep tone and grayish tone, which have a great difference in brightness.

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