Current Trends in Transmission System Planning Needed in Competitive and Deregulated Environment using Artificial Intelligence

A.M. Ilahi and S.A. Qureshi (Pakistan)


Deregulation, Restructuring, Congestion, Monitoring, Market Dynamic, Competitive.


This paper picturesquely depicts the changing trends and values under new circumstances which are developed in the sector of electric power system i.e. generation side and partly on the way in transmission and distribution network. A very clear advocacy about the changing trends from vertical integrated setup to the horizontal disintegrated setup is explained in very simple way. All utilities are passing through the phase of disintegration globally; it is obvious that the same effect is also putting impression on the electrical power sector. With this approach, it is obvious that the public now demands to break the monopolistic approach and wants that the public utilities must be operated by public themselves but under umbrella of some regulatory body who can watch their interests and legislate rules which helps the masses in getting the better service than they have. Further a clear comparison is also presented between the past standard practices with the current methodology of transmission system planning. Besides all this, different important points are highlighted which need special attention while doing transmission system planning when the environment is competitive and deregulated one. It is also suggested that necessary analysis may also be done on computer by using different models and with the use of artificial intelligence.

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