Approach to Optimize Production Networks by Means of Synchronization

B. Scholz-Reiter and J.T. Tervo (Germany)


Management and economics, Supply chain management, Optimization, Production network, Synchronization


Production networks emerge because companies concen trate their core competences and cooperate with suppliers and distributors, thus generating strong linkages and con nections between many independent businesses. These re sulting networks are characterized by permanently increas ing complexity and dynamics, forcing them to adapt to to day’s rapidly changing markets. This greatly complicates holistic enterprise production planning and control. Synchronization of the companies in these production networks is proposed as a solution to this problem. First, a theoretical framework for the different aspects of synchro nization is given, followed by a strategy to synchronize pro duction networks. Furthermore, simulation results are pre sented, which confirm that synchronization in production networks is possible.

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