Diagnostic Modelling of Digital Systems with Multi-Level Decision Diagrams

R. Ubar, J. Raik, T. Evartson, M. Kruus, and H. Lensen (Estonia)


Digital systems, faults and defects, modelling, simulation, test generation, Boolean derivatives, decision diagrams.


To cope with the complexity of today’s digital systems in diagnostic modelling, hierarchical approaches should be used. In this paper, the possibilities of using Decision Diagrams (DD) for diagnostic modelling of digital systems are discussed. DDs can be used for modelling systems at different levels of representation like logic level, register transfer level, instruction set level. The nodes in DDs can be modelled as generic locations of faults. For more precise general specification of faults logic constraints are used. To map the physical defects from transistor level to logic level a new functional fault model is introduced.

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