Application of Modeling and Control to Structural Systems

C.W. Chen, C.H. Tsai, C.B. Tseng, S.G. Lin, M.H.L. Wang, and P.Y. Chung (Taiwan)


Structural control, LMI, fuzzy model


This paper provided the stability conditions and controller design for a class of structural and mechanical systems represented by Tagagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy models. In the design procedure of controller, parallel distributed compensation (PDC) scheme was utilized to construct a global fuzzy logic controller by blending all local state feedback controllers. A stability analysis was carried out not only for the fuzzy model but also for a real mechanical system. Furthermore, this control problem can be reduced to linear matrix inequalities (LMI) problems by the Schur Complements and efficient interior-point algorithms are now available in Matlab toolbox to solve this problem. A simulation example was given to show the feasibility of the proposed fuzzy controller design method.

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