Meshless Modeling for Joining Process Simulation

R. Canas, H. Mak, and P. Woodard (Canada)


Adhesive Bonding, Joining, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics, Colloidal Fluids, MassSpring


Adhesive bonding is a joining process where the assembly is held together by the surface attachment of adhesives without changing or modifying the properties of the surface. The adhesive-bonding process provides a good alternative to more classical joining processes such as welding. The process is promising for joining dissimilar material and getting in popularity for structural bounding of functional parts. Our current research seeks to develop an understanding of adhesive bonding processes from the spreading of the adhesive, to the solidification and curing and finally the testing. The current modeling of the liquid phase of the adhesive, based on the interoperability of several particle models, include viscous fluid, wetability, surface energy, and colloidal fluid and the current modeling of the solid phase of the adhesive includes solid modeling for non-linear materials, fracture and the simulation of the performance of the joint.

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