Toward an Integrated Verification Environment for Embedded Systems

D. Du, K. He, H. Cao, and Y. Ma (PRC)


Modelling, UML Statecharts, Embedded Systems, Model Checking,


Verification development platform is a rapid, efficient and low-cost tool for embedded systems development, which helps to improve efficiency and quality of embedded software. There are some verification tools for embedded systems, however, the integrated verification environment for embedded systems is still a challenge. This paper focuses on the integrated verification environment of EUP (Embedded UML Platform), which supports functional verification of safety and liveness requirements and nonfunctional verification of time related constraints of embedded systems. The partition of functional and nonfunctional verification can facilitate the verification of different aspects of systems in different design phases. We will illustrate the feasibility of the integrated verification environment of EUP through the case study RCS (Railway Crossing System).

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