Performance Study of using a New Approach to Transaction Processing in Real-Time Systems

K.-W. Lam, W. Leung (PRC), R.J. Millar, and J.R.P. Hanna (UK)


Transaction Processing, Performance Evaluation, RealTime Databases, Serializability


In this study, we investigate an approach of using a separate algorithm to process read-only transactions (ROTs) in real-time database systems. The study is motivated by the dominance of read only transactions (ROTs) in many real-time applications. It will reduce the interference between ROTs and update transactions (UTs) due to their data conflicts by separate processing of ROTs, thus, enhancing the system concurrency. Particularly, we devise an efficient separate algorithm to process ROTs while a conventional concurrency control protocol can be employed to process UTs. The undesirable overhead caused by transaction restarts and blockings due to concurrency control can be alleviated. Consequently, the efficiency and timeliness of the system can be improved. The simulation results show that the performance of ROTs in terms of miss rate and restart rate is improved significantly whilst that of UTs is also improved slightly.

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