Finite Element Modeling of Smart Structures Integrated with Piezoelectric Materials

N. Shaeri, M.H.S. Lahidjani, and A. Yousefi-Koma (Iran)


Piezoelectric, Finite Element Method, and Smart Composite Plates


In this paper, a numerical solution scheme based on the finite element method (FEM)has been developed to analyze the deformations and potentials of piezoelectric materials subjected to external mechanical and/or electrical loadings of concentrated or distributed patterns. A computer software code has been developed to model both 2D and 3D piezoelectric structures, based on the analytical equations. This program can be used for static analysis of both 3D structures integrated with piezoelements, and thin plates with bonded onto or embedded piezoelectric actuators. It can also be employed in the analysis of smart plates in order to control their shapes in static mode and vibration control in dynamic mode of applications. The performance of these 3D and 2D models has been compared with other numerical solutions as well as analytical and experimental data, and also with other standard FEM software packages.

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