Application of 3D Simulation in Exploitation of Marine Machinery

L. Tomczak (Poland)


3D simulation of marine machinery, marine engine room simulators.


This paper presents two examples of marine engine room simulators, elaborated under the author’s direction. The first concerns the electric emergency power plant and the second one relates to the module for preparation of fuel for combustion in marine diesel engines. The main task of these simulators is to offer the possibility to familiarize the trainees with the system and to develop operational skills and preparedness in emergency procedures. In these simulators various multimedia simulation techniques have been applied, including 3D presentation and sound application. This new simulation 3D technique specially allows for closer relation between simulation and realism of machinery operation. The application of 3D simulation techniques in the teaching process of operation of complex marine machinery leads to a better understanding of the functioning principles of both the equipment and the systems in comparison with traditional educational methods. However, in order to achieve the intended didactic goals, the programs have to be designed properly, particularly in relation to providing adequate navigation through the system. The experiences in the application of 3D visualization, the benefits and advantages of the use of simulators in the educational process of marine engine room officers are equally presented in this paper.

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