Liquid Slip and Thermal Effects on Electroosmotic and Pressure-Driven Flow in a Microchannel

G. Dituba Ngoma and F. Erchiqui (Canada)


Microfluidics, Heat transfer, Microchannel, Modeling and Simulation


The combined effect of the liquid flow slip and wall heat flux on the flow in a microchannel between two parallel plates was investigated. The pressure-driven flow and the electroosmosis were taken into account. To find the electric potential, the flow and the thermal parameters, the Poisson-Boltzmann, the modified Navier-Stokes and the energy equations were solved for a hydraulic and thermal steady fully-developed laminar flow of an incompressible fluid. The results achieved revealed the influence of the slip velocity, the pressure difference and the heat flux on the flow and heat transfer characteristics. To validate the developed approach, a comparison of results was made.

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