User Interface Characteristics and Network Utilization in Mobile Networks

M. Koivisto (Finland)


Information Technology and Communications, Network Modeling, Mobile Networks, User Interfaces.


Both mobile network modeling and user interfaces of mobile devices have received considerable interest among researchers, developers, and service providers. However, these two areas have not been studied under the same framework. In this paper, an analytical model for analyzing the effect of user interface characteristics to network utilization is developed. Our model combines user interface features and the computer system performance model with high-level analytical network cloud model. Flow analysis based on our model is indicating two interesting results. Firstly, when mobile communications are shifting from text to still images and video clips user interface characteristics are becoming more important from the network utilization point of view. Secondly, mobile P2P applications like video sharing are challenging the asymmetric structure often used in GPRS and 3G radio access networks today.

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