A Fuzzy Algorithm for Scheduling Periodic Tasks on Multiprocessor Soft Real-Time Systems

M. Sabeghi, H. Deldari, and S. Khajouei (Iran)


Fuzzy logic, multiprocessor realtime scheduling, FGEDF, FGMLF, FPEDF, FPMLF.


In this paper we consider the use of fuzzy logic in the scheduling of periodic tasks in soft real-time multiprocessor systems. Most researches concerning real-time system scheduling assumes scheduling constraint to be precise. However, in many circumstances the values of these parameters are vague. The vagueness of parameters suggests that we make use of fuzzy logic to decide in what order the requests should be executed to better utilize the system and as a result reduce the chance of a request being missed. Our main contribution is proposing a fuzzy approach to multiprocessor real-time scheduling in which the scheduling parameters are treated as fuzzy variables. A simulation is also performed and the results are judged against each other. It is concluded that the proposed fuzzy approach is very promising and it has the potential to be considered for future research.

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