Dynamics Modelling of Constraints for Reconfigurable Systems

H. Xue, X. Huang, P. Woodard, and J. Dickinson (Canada)


Dynamic modeling, constraint, contact, reconfigurable system. We also present a numerical algorithm to solve the combination of RDEs and constraint equations (CEs) and will show applications of the constraint problem to validate the modeling.


At i Ha i Ext i v i netall i FFFFF +++=_ , (i = 1, 2, …, n) (2) With classical dynamics modeling techniques, dynamics equations for different multibody systems must be derived individually and separately prior to the simulation and control. This is only suitable to systems with a fixed topology or configuration. In our previous works, we derived a dynamics equation methodology for open branch reconfigurable systems, called reconfigurable dynamics equation (RDE), and developed a numerical solving algorithm that is used to simulate the dynamic behavior of any complex system with open branches. However, if a reconfigurable system has constraints or contacts it becomes a closed systems and the conventional constraint equation cannot be used to solve the reconfigurable system. In this paper, we develop a new approach and derive constraint equations for reconfigurable systems. We present a two-step numerical solving algorithm. Two examples are presented to validate the constraint modeling and algorithm. and are joint accelerations of the body i in the system. The equations can be solved numerically using iterative methods. We also developed a numerical solving algorithm. The techniques have been successfully used in real time simulation for a variety of open structure systems. However when a contact occurs between bodies in the system with bodies in the environment, the existing reconfigurable dynamics (RD) modeling cannot be used to simulate the system. The same limitation exists when constraints are applied to the body. Therefore, new constraint dynamics models and algorithms must be developed. iq&& In this paper, we derive new dynamics models for the following types of constraints in a reconfigurable multibody systems connected with revolute joints: • Point – Point constraint • Point – Line constraint • Point – Surface constraint

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