Ballistic Penetration into Targets: Use of F.E. Technique

A. Mimaroglu, O. Iyibilgin, and H. Unal (Turkey)


Finite element, impact, penetration


A substantial effort has been invested in order to physically understand and mathematically describe the phenomena-taking place during ballistic penetration of impactor into targets. Having said that the mathematical solution is very complex and a modelling route is more favourable. This paper presents the results for the analysis of ballistic penetration of high-speed impactores through flat target surfaces. Single and multilayered targets were modelled and analysed using an explicit finite element code LS_DYNA. Residual velocity and profile of the target bulge were obtained. Furthermore, influence of target thickness and material layers combination in penetration process were also studied. The results showed the large influence of impactor striking velocity and target multilayer arrangements in the penetration process and showed a good correlation with experimental results.

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