Tuning of Fuzzy-Certainty Factor Expert Systems based on Neural Networks

S. Jafari and S.D. Katebi (Iran)


Fuzzy Expert System, Neural Network, Hybrid System, BackPropagation, Certainty Factor CF, NeuroFuzzy network.


Presented is a description of an algorithm that has been used for Fuzzy-Certainty Factor expert systems tuning. This process has been implemented on a Dental Diseases Diagnostic System (DEXSYS) developed by the authors. It is attempted to translate or map a fuzzy logic system to neural network framework and use the neural networks learning methods for tuning and adaptation of Fuzzy Certainty Factor expert system based on the back propagation algorithm. Since the tuning process is an off line one, the inherent slowness of the back-propagation is ignorable regarding to other methods such as Kohonen.

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