Translating Polish Texts into Sign Language in the TGT System

N. Suszczańska, P. Szmal, and J. Francik (Poland)


natural language processing, sign language, syntax analysis


In the paper a method of translation applied in a new system TGT is discussed. TGT translates texts written in Polish into corresponding utterances in the Polish sign language. Discussion is focused on text-into-text translation phase. Proper translation is done on the level of a predicative representation of the sentence. The representation is built on the basis of syntactic graph that depicts the composition and mutual connections of syntactic groups, which exist in the sentence and are identified at the syntactic analysis stage. An essential element of translation process is complementing the initial predicative graph with nodes, which correspond to lacking sentence members. The method acts for primitive sentences as well as for compound ones, with some limitations, however. A translation example is given which illustrates main transformations done on the linguistic level. It is complemented by samples of images generated by the animating part of the system.

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