A Multi Agent System Analyzing Parameters Related to Facial Expressions

S. Sariel and B.T. Akgun (Turkey)


Intelligent agents, clustering, learning, facial expression analysis, multimedia applications.


We present a multiagent system to generate society profile about facial expressions. Each user interacts with its User Interface Agent which collects user information and communicates with the other agents in the system. A graphical facial animation program is used to monitor facial expressions and to allow the user to draw his/her expressions. The information processed in the system is the parameters related to facial expressions. The parameters are processed for generating general society profile and local agent beliefs according to facial expressions generated by users and the grades assigned to expressions. The society profile is generated by an intelligent agent, called Clustering Agent having ability to cluster all the agent information in the system. The Clustering Agent learns some parameter weights used in the clustering process by the rewards of the users. The system may be a useful tool for multimedia applications, including advertisements, games, and entertainment.

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