Introduction of Newcomers into a Fuzzy Reputation Agent System

J. Carbo, J.M. Molina, and J. Davila (Spain)


Intelligent Agents, Fuzzy Logic and Security in Ecommerce.


Current e-commerce applications provide us a binary definition of trust depending on whether some requirements are satisfied or not. However trust can be seen as a more general and subjective concept tightly linked to reputation. The potential great number of participants in open systems like Internet makes this kind of trust harder to manage. Since it is not possible to monitor all actions held in open environments, a centralized management should be avoided. Multiagent systems seem to be a suitable approach to manage trust due to their distributed nature. We intend agents to manage trust as humans do, in a vague and abstract way, as a fuzzy concept. In this paper we extend our previous works about the representation and communication of reputation among collaborative agents in competitive scenarios (as e-commerce applications). Because of the economical and strategic value of the trust-related information exchanged in such e-commercial scenarios, the access to this information should be restricted. Specifically this paper proposes a secure and fair way to introduce newcomers protecting newcomers’ privacy as much as it is possible.

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