Evaluation and Decision Support System for the Hospital Management

F. Wu, JR. Lin, and A.S. Chiou (Taiwan)


decision support system, hospital management, executive information system, medical information.


The inauguration of National Health Insurance (NHI) raised the senses of cost and efficiency about the hospital operations since the financial conditions of the NHI are worse in each country. Hospital management is becoming more important. In order to keep up with the rapid change of medical sphere, the statistical data shown in sheets is not sufficient to make decisions in time. The Decision Support System usually speeds up the procedures to get the information and from reading paper reports into getting related desired information from the terminal. This study develops a DSS for hospitals that can analyze each operation indicators in the condition that the information is derived from Hospital Information System (HIS). In hospitals a lot of operational data of outpatients and inpatients are stored in computers. The data acquisition becomes more easy and fast than ever. The proposed system retains the function of suggestion in the DSS but also have the ability of self-learning to modify its advices provided to managers. With the abilities of integrated evaluating and collecting data, the system is helpful to discover and resolve problems for managers. The system can provide multi-dimensions and multi-levels analysis by using the skill of data warehouse. Through the utilization of the decision methodology, the system can provide appropriate advices to users.

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