Advanced Visualization in a Clinical Telemonitoring System

A. Gomez, C. Dafonte, B. Arcay, and A. Rodriguez (Spain)


ManMachine Interface, Telemedicine, Monitorization, Visualization, 3D Graphics.


Telemedicine systems use telecommunication resources in order to improve medical practice. Information systems are developed so as to help the clinical staff in the performance of their duties: telemonitoring for instance facilitates a much more efficient follow-up of the patients’ evolution. This work describes the Telemedicine system that is currently being developed by our research team. It is a distributed multiplatform system for the intelligent telemonitoring of patients at an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). More specifically, this article focuses on our 3D visualization module, which shows a virtual model of the patient and allows the clinical staff to visualize in a rapid and clear manner the patient´s evolution.

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