An XML Approach for Assessment in Education

V. Manso, J.M. Raga, R. Romero, C.E. Palau, J.C. Guerri, and M. Esteve (Spain)


Computer-based Assessment, Tele education, XML, Internet-based courseware


Research efforts in the computer aided education field are represented by a broad spectrum of applications, from the virtual classroom to remote courses. In these environments, visualizing the progress of students in a certain course is an important part of the learning process. We have developed an evaluation tool, with which teachers can easily create questions of different types, store them in a database and afterwards use them to compose exams and autoevaluation exercises of different kinds. The advantages of our system include an improvement in the fulfillment of the teacher’s duties; an increase in the responsiveness of the exam results to the level of student understanding; and the potential for using the application in distance learning and self-training. The main novelty of the system is the usage of JAVA, XML, JSP and JavaBeans as a basis for courseware generation. The system described in this paper provides a WWW based assessment environment, which can be integrated in a set of course materials for delivery on the network. The main objective is to develop a testing environment with instant feedback to teachers and students, using multimedia information and several kinds of questions.

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