Model of Services-Oriented Corporate Network with Reduced Administration Level

A. Rodríguez Moreda, L. Utrera Molina, and R. Mompó (Spain)


Architectures, Computer Networks, Collaboration, Management.


A homogeneous and flexible Corporate Network model is presented in this paper, consequently it has a reduced level of management requirements ( RNA ). These features are achieved due to a simple model characterized by an atomic structure based on the virtual network concept, which will be called virtual network. This virtual network is considered the basic TIC support infrastructure that includes communication equipments, network servers and desktop clients. This model will be replicated all over the Organization. All of the components of a virtual network cooperate in order to offer a catalogued set of corporate services to the final user. Also it is presented the structure of the model, particularly, the implementation both, the network server as the network client. In addition to this, a collaborative frame is established by a set of agents which allow to offer to the user a concrete SAL ( services access level ), whatever their access point to the network. At the same time, the implementation complex of the referred services is transparent to the end user.

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