Communication Reduction in Iterative Grid-based Computing using Superboundary Exchange Technique

H. Kuang, L.F. Bic, and M.B. Dillencourt (USA)


gridbased computing, individualbased simulations, boundary exchange


Iterative grid-based applications, typified by the finite dif ference method for solving partial differential equations [1] and spatially oriented individual-based simulations [2], are important applications for distributed computing. How ever, iterative grid-based distributed computations require that communication be performed at every step, which can lead to significant communication overhead. We show how a technique called SuperBoundary Exchange (SBX) for significantly reducing this overhead in finite-difference computations, first introduced in [3], can be applied to individual-based computations as well, at a cost of a some what coarser grid than might otherwise be necessary.

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