A Pre-caching Strategy with Bypass Pointers in PCS

S.L. Lee, H.-C. Lin, and P.-X. Kou (Taiwan)


: Bypass pointer, CalltoMobility Ratio (CMR), Hierarchical Location Databases, Location Management, Personal Communications Services (PCS).


In this paper we propose an efficient tracking strategy, called the Pre-Caching strategy, for hierarchical database architec ture in Personal Communication Services (PCS). The main goal of our strategy is to focus on reducing the overloads of a PCS system in the following two situations: (1) when a callee receives calls frequently, and (2) when a user crosses many registration area (RA) boundaries with the characteris tic of locality. The Pre-Caching strategy keeps a callee’s by pass pointers when he/she moves around neighboring RAs. A threshold to predict and confine the roaming regions is used to estimate the trade-off of maintaining bypass point ers. The purpose of setting the value of a threshold is to avoid updating and reading location databases frequently when users may move around in certain fixed regions (RAs). We also discuss how to set the threshold value to determine a user’s roaming regions and where to set the bypass point ers. Through mathematical cost analysis and experimen tal evaluation, we demonstrate that the Pre-Caching strat egy without employing any users’ profile information can reduce more traffic impacts than the traditional × and Ò strategies.

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