Power Efficiency and Latency of Cascade Queues for a Dual Semi-batch Power Management Model in a Palmtop Multimedia Terminal

Y.-W. Bai and J.-R. Hu (Taiwan)


Mobile Computing, Modelling and Simulation, Resource Allocation, Queueing System


In this paper, we propose a cascade queue with feedback path derivative from a Jackson queueing network for a dual semi-batch power management model in a palmtop multimedia terminal. In the dual semi-batch model, our “communication subsystem” works in a low power consumption state to accumulate information arriving sporadically from networks. At the same time, the machine can turn off the “process subsystem” in order to reduce power consumption. On the other hand, the process subsystem can also work in a high power consumption state, when the amount of the accumulated information in the communication subsystem reaches a preset level. By using the stationary non-time-varying analysis of the state transition diagram from a simplified cascade M/M/1/N queue with feedback, this paper analyzes the simplified model and provides the relationship between power consumption and latency. Furthermore, both modeling analysis and simulation results show that this method also has a potential to save an approximately 40%~60% of power consumption under a 50% information utilization of the machine and a 0.2 feedback probability of the commands and information, by introducing a latency of about five times based on Poisson information arrival.

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