Object Oriented Software Process Modeling

S.-I. Choi and J. Han (Australia)


Software engineering environment, software process sup port system, software artifact, software process, object ori ented approach


This paper deals with software process support system. Software artifacts and software processes are the tied at tributes for producing quality software at the right time. Focusing on the software artifacts alone does not deliver the full bene£t for software practice. And, considering soft ware process without much regard to artifacts is also lim ited for the support of software development. Therefore, it is strongly requested that software artifacts and software processes be considered together in software development. However, in the current software process support systems, the artifact aspects such as artifact structure, artifact view, artifact behavior etc are not treated together with software processes. On the other hand, some engineering tools ori ented to the support of artifact aspects do not have enough capability to support software processes. This paper pro poses an object oriented approach as the basis of accom modating the artifact aspects within software process sup port. The approach uni£es software artifacts and processes with the concept of project object. And, the processes are supported by a process management approach that is also proposed here.

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