Abstract Program Slicings

I.S. Chung, B.-M. Chang, B.M. Kim and J.-W. Jo (Korea)


Software Engineering, Program Slicing, Abstract Interpre tation


Program Slicings £ IN SANG CHUNG School of Computer Engineering Hansung University, Seoul, Korea insang@hansung.ac.kr BYEONG-MO CHANG Department of Computer Science, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea chang@cs.sookmyung.ac.kr BYEONG MAN KIM School of Computer & Software Engineering, Kumoh National University of Technology, Kumi, Korea bmkim@se.kumoh.ac.kr JANG-WU JO Department of Computer Engineering Pusan University of Foreign Studies, Pusan, Korea jjw@taejo.pufs.ac.kr Abstract In this paper, we present a new slicing technique named abstract program slicing that allows a decomposition of a program for the set of initial states. We apply abstract inter pretation to the derivation of slices from existing programs. Abstract interpretation allows us to yield safe information about the run-time behavior of the program without having to run it for all input data. Thus, we can statically com pute safe approximations of program slices on the slicing criterion.

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