Communication Pattern Analysis in Parallel and Distributed Programs

D. Kranzmüller (Austria)


Parallel program analysis, debugging, pattern matching, communication patterns, event graph.


Testing and debugging is a basic necessity to improve and guarantee a program’s reliability. Supported by many past and on-going research projects, users can chose from a wide range of available software tools, especially for se quential programs. Debugging tools for parallel programs need to address additional issues, such as communication and synchronization and their influence on the correct ness of a parallel program. Verification of communica tion in parallel and distributed programs can be performed based on the communication patterns observed during a program’s execution. The distinction between correct pat terns and incorrect patterns, and the extraction of almost correct patterns represents valuable knowledge for error de tection. Communication patterns are specified by the user in terms of event graph patterns to define expected program behavior. Additionally, patterns may also be derived from the program’s execution by determining loop boundaries or repeated execution behavior.

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