A Web Client Generator for Testing Interfaces of EJB Components

J. Lee, W.-J. Lee, M. Kim, and G.-S. Shin (Korea)


component, EJB, interface, verify


This paper addresses a Web-based testing client generator for verifying functionality of EJB components. It is necessary for EJB components to be deployed at application servers before the component is executed. An EJB client calls functions of deployed EJB components. The running mechanism of a server component is different from that of existing other applications, so verification of functionality is difficult. Our web client generator produces client application programs automatically, and tests functionality of EJB components. The data for testing is not known until runtime, so it is necessary to create and initialize any typed parameters, and invoke methods in runtime. This paper proposes an efficient client generation method for testing an EJB component using templates, and a parameter creation method for function calls using Java reflection techniques. The proposed system has been tested by a J2EE application server. The testing results are better than a commercialized product.

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