A Multimedia E-mail Tool: An Empirical Case of using Auditory Metaphors to Communicate and Browse Data

D. Rigas, D. Memery, and K. Klearhou (UK)


Information systems, user interfaces, audio, multimedia, design, e-mail.


The paper describes two experiments in which various types of auditory stimuli were investigated. The experimental platform for this empirical investigation was a multimedia e-mail tool. The tool offered two audio visual browsing techniques in addition to a set of typical functions usually found in e-mail tools. The auditory aspect of the two audio-visual browsing techniques was investigated in two experiments. Results indicated that information relating to e-mail data can be successfully communicated using various combinations of auditory stimuli. The research enabled the refinement of existing guidelines for the design and development of new guidelines for designing auditory stimuli as part of an interactive or multimedia information system.

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