Development of COBALT (Component-based AppLication development Tool) for Modeling and Constructing EJB based Components

M. Kim, W. Lee, and G.-S. Shin (Korea)


CASE Tools, Component Based Software Analysis and Design, ObjectOriented Analysis and Design


As software reusability, time to market, maintainability are considered as a competitive edge, software component techniques have lately attracted considerable attention. In order to increase modularity, adaptability and reusability of complex software, CBD methodology has been introduced since the late 1990. Within the CBD framework, software parts are designed according to the pre-defined specifications, so they can be assembled together to create entire application. Although there are some CBD tools for developing software components, they do not consider tight connections among component developing processes such as component identification, component modeling, code generation, deployment and testing. And it is restrictive for users to construct various scales of components on component platform architecture. In this paper, we introduce a Computer-Aided Software Engineering(CASE) toolset, called COBALT which covers all development lifecycles of components. It supports various component development phases, which help modeling process and automating development process through component-based software development process.

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