A Multidatabase System Architecture for Integrating Heterogeneous Databases with Meta-level Active Rule Primitives

S. Kurabayashi, N. Ishibashi, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)


Multidatabase System, Active Database, Distributed Databases, Database Integration


Integration mechanisms among different and heteroge neous databases are very important to provide significant information created by combining data contents among those databases. This paper presents an active mul tidatabase system architecture which realizes the meta level database retrieval and integration mechanisms. This system has functionalities for computing various inter relationships among heterogeneous databases to integrate these databases according to various contexts. This sys tem provides an execution framework of active rules in the meta-level system. The feature of this system is to realize active database capabilities for local databases in a multi database environment, even if these databases do not sup port active database functionalities. This system enhances possibility to obtain significant information from individ ual databases which are not only active databases but also passive databases.

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