Improved of Global Transaction Processing Performance using Operation Unit on Distributed Databases

J.I. Lee, S.K. Cha, Y.K. Kim, and S.I. Jin (Korea)


Global Transaction Manager, Distributed Database, Replication, Operation Unit.


When a user requests queries to the distributed database, the global transaction manager generates as many internal operations as the number of hosts participating in the distributed database, which causes lots of loads to the database, and eventually the performance to decrease. Especially, the key to how to reduce the load and grow up the performance is how to design server architecture. In the points of server architecture, we propose the method of reducing server’s load. We define operation units as objects that have the same functions of the specified application domains. One of predefined operation units is selected without generating lots of internal transaction by user’s query. This operation unite is generated by internal transaction generator we propose. And we also propose the transaction communicator architecture that is able to process a global transaction internally. In addition, we introduce a transmission algorithm transferring generated transactions to related sites efficiently in order to improve the performance of global transaction processing.

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