An XML-based Workspace and Document Model for Flexible Cooperative Work

M. Tanigaki, Y. Yokota, and Y. Kambayashi (Japan)


Collaborative DB, XML, CSCW, dynamic change, personalization


In CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work) systems, users often need different views of the same shared document dependent on their situations, demands or roles. In addition, exact workspace model must be set up beforehand and it is usually very difficult to make dynamic changes later. We propose the CSCW system in which not only shared documents but also a workspace model are represented in XML form in the server. In XML, logic files and style files can be separated, and then users can get their own view of the documents easily using XSLT. By representing a workspace model such as workspace, users and operations outside of the program, workspace model can be changed dynamically by only changing XML data. The proposed system provides personalized views for each user and support tools for making dynamic changes of the both document and workspace model and new operations to them. Furthermore, it can realize reuse of existing XML data, high compatibility with other applications and flexible expansion.

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