Nursing-care Data Base using XML for the Elderly and Disabled

T. Takeshita, T. Takahashi, and Y. Nagasaka (Japan)


Applications, Information Visualization, User Interface, Care for the Elderly, XML Data Base, Internet Web


This paper describes mainly the data base visualization of an information system, which allows the voice entries of physical problems by the elderly and disabled persons into wearable computers and their transmission over the internet to a server machine with a database. A short natural sentence consisting of a part of the human body and its problem (pain, fever, loss of motion, breakdown, etc.) spoken by an aged person is captured by voice recognition software. The identified problem information is transformed into XML and transmitted to a remote computer and stored into its database the contents of which are retrieved by en tering search conditions into text entry fields. Depending on the selected style sheet, the output can be shown in a different table format. And also a graphical view can be displayed showing the locations of the persons requiring unscheduled helps and the types of the problems they have. The objectives of this system are to allow the care workers to see the stored information selectively and visu ally for taking proper actions without always attending or closely being located to those who are under care as well as to provide easy-to-use, friendly interfaces to the elderly and disabled who otherwise would not benefit from the in formation technology.

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